Dawn Repoli, VP Program Development

GBTA’s WINiT Business Unit

Dawn Repoli is the VP of Program Development responsible for the coordination and facilitation of WINiT Operations, employees as well over 200 volunteers from 40 countries. 

In collaboration with these volunteers, Dawn is responsible for the strategic initiatives, development, implementation, maintenance and preservation of programs.These programs represent the key pillars of WINiT services to our membership:  Visibility, Mobility and Career Development.She manages the WINiT vendor relationships and contract negotiations and, in partnership with the Board of Directors and corporate accountants, oversees all financial activities and statements. 

Dawn is a certified grant writer and an experienced fundraising event coordinator, with extensive experience working with 501c (3) non-profit start-up organizations. As a former small business owner, her experiences range from preparing a business plan and securing financing, to the implementation of expansion strategies. She has procured federal, state and local licenses and permits and has collaborated with several committees and executive boards modifying by-law structure and computer program development.

Additionally, Dawn is proud of her background with children.She has over 20 years’ experience as a teacher, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis with Autistic Children and Kinesthetic Learning.