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Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsorship Prospectus

As a future sponsor, you can:

  1. Reinforce brand awareness to the Business Travel Audience
  2. Connect your message to influential corporate travel program decision makers
  3. Launch or announce new products and services
  4. Receive feedback from current and prospective clients
  5. Build alliances with other companies that complement your business offerings
  6. Reconnect with past clients/discover new client opportunities
  7. Create brand experiences that connect you with the Business Travel Audience

Premium Sponsorships



$35,000 USD


$17,000 USD


$13,750 USD


$10,000 USD

Two (2) adjacent exhibit booths (double booth)   
Early Bird registration rate extended to 3 weeks prior to the show   
Two Minutes length commercial video (concurrent to the speaking time) 
Two Minutes Speaking Opportunity during the Program
Sponsor Logo at Event Website and all communications related to the Event
Sponsor Logo on Onsite Signage
Post Event Registration List (Name, Company, Title, Email)
Complimentary registrations for Buyers only, includes GBTA Membership8643
Complimentary registrations for Suppliers, includes GBTA Membership6643

Experience Sponsorships

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship

    • Sponsor introduction of the Keynote Speaker for 2 minutes
    • Logo assigned to the onsite promotion of the Keynote Speaker
    • Reserved VIP table for the Sponsor to seat their guests at the front (two tables at the front of the room)
    • Complimentary Registrations: 4 for Buyers and 4 for Suppliers
    • Logo recognition on all pre-event marketing items related to the Keynote Speaker
    • Post-Event Registration list

    $15,000 USD

Broadcast Studio (BACK TO MEXICO)

The Broadcast Studio is a recording space where interviews with influential figures in the Latin American Corporate Travel Industry will take place.

Sponsoring the GBTA Broadcast Studio is an incredible opportunity to showcase how your company connects with top executives, CEOs, influencers, and thought leaders in the business travel industry. This exposure extends beyond the GBTA Mexico Conference attendees to reach all GBTA members and the global industry through this exciting media platform.

$10,000 US

Professional Headshots (NEW)

  • This sponsorship places your company’s logo in the designated area where participants can take a professional photo against a gray backdrop. Attendees will receive this professional headshot on a USB, serving as a valuable professional advancement tool.


    This photo area will operate during Expo hours at designated times previously arranged.

    $3,850 USD

Opening Reception Includes Mariachi Show + 'México en la Piel' Video (NEW)

    • The sponsor will showcase its logo at the opening and closing of a special video titled ‘Mexico en la Piel,’ featuring images and videos related to Mexican culture and travel on one of the main event screens. The company will receive signage and recognition as the cocktail sponsor.
    • A live mariachi band will harmonize the video with the song ‘Mexico en la Piel.’ Attendees will then be invited to follow the mariachi to the opening cocktail, where they can enjoy music, network, and experience the emotions that only a good mariachi can evoke.
    • The sponsorship also includes a push notification in the event’s app mentioning the brand and acknowledging that the experience is made possible by the sponsor.

    $6,000 USD

Brand Awareness

Badge Lanyards

Showcase your company prominently to all conference attendees by sponsoring the badge lanyards, and displaying your company name or logo at eye level throughout the entire conference. The sponsoring company is responsible for providing the corresponding badge lanyards. (Quantity to be confirmed by GBTA)

$4,950 USD SOLD

Reusable Water Bottles

  • The sponsoring company is invited to provide water bottles with the company’s printed logo to all Conference participants (approximately 400 pax), thus contributing to GBTA’s sustainability efforts and goals by significantly reducing single-use plastics. The sponsor’s logo will be featured on two water refill stations, promoting the use of the bottles throughout the Conference.
  • The Sponsor will be mentioned in pre-conference emails sent to all delegates, highlighting the support this company provides to the water conservation and reusable bottle initiative during the event.
  • Verbal acknowledgment and logo recognition on the main event stage for sponsoring the water bottles are also guaranteed.
  • 2 Complimentary registrations for sponsor staff / Supplier
  • 2 Complimentary registrations for client/buyer
  • Logo recognition on the ‘Thank You to Sponsor’ page on the conference website and acknowledgment as a General Sponsor.
  • Post-Event Registration list.

$5,000 USD SOLD

Coffee Breaks (Day 1 & Day 2)

  • Signage Recognition as a Sponsor while the coffee-breaks take place. The sponsorship includes both coffee breaks for a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).
  • 1 complimentary registration for buyers only.
  • 1 complimentary registration for suppliers.

$2,200 USD

Breakfast Main Stage

Be the exclusive sponsor of the Main Stage breakfast! Your company logo will receive prominent recognition across GBTA’s platforms and materials. Enjoy two VIP tables for a total of 16 guests at the Breakfast Main Stage session. Seize the spotlight with a three-minute Main Stage introduction during breakfast, ideal for a video commercial, speech, or presentation. Elevate your brand’s visibility and influence by securing this prime sponsorship opportunity.

$10,000 USD SOLD


Be the exclusive sponsor of the lunch, where your brand will be verbally recognized with visual support of your logo on the main screen during the lunch for over 400 attendees.

Don’t miss the chance to be acknowledged as the driving force behind a key networking moment!

$20,000 USD

Can’t attend the event yourself or have colleagues who can’t make it? Your company can still be part of the GBTA Mexico Conference by showcasing a video (up to 5 minutes) on our Main Stage!

Video commercial (5-minute max) to play on Main Stage and includes sponsor-provided voiceover (30-second max) to introduce the video and sponsoring company. Guaranteed one (1) play per day on Wednesday (April 3) and Thursday (April 4).

$4,000 USD

Digital Opportunities

Sponsor the Conference Photo Feed!

This year, all event photos will be available in a digital album using the innovative GetPica app, which utilizes AI technology to process and make only the photos in which attendees appear accessible to each participant. They can download their photos and keep a memory of the event.

This exclusive sponsorship ensures prominent visibility, providing the opportunity to include your logo and content in the app and in the photos participants download.

$9,000 USD

  • Logo recognition on GBTA website, event app, official materials, and sponsor recognition banners. If the sponsor purchases multiple sponsorship opportunities at various tiers, the sponsor will be recognized at the highest tier purchased sponsor level.
  • The mobile app will be made available for iOS and Android via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and there is an Attendee Hub desktop version to accompany the app.
  • Sponsor to design a custom graphic to appear on the welcome splash screen of the mobile app each time the app is opened.
  • Card on the main navigation page of the mobile app and the Attendee Hub.
  • Push notification on the mobile app.

$12,500 USD

Customized notification to event attendees who have downloaded the application. Updates may include strategic messages, including encouraging participants to visit their booth. The app will be available on iOS and Android.

$500 USD

Brand Engagement


Stand Out with Exclusive Sponsorship of the GBTA Zone!

Elevate your company as the main sponsor of the GBTA Zone, where interactivity blends with key information about the Global Business Travel Association. With games and the option to include gifts or experiences featuring your brand.

The sponsorship provides complimentary registrations for staff and invitations for buyers, ensuring maximum visibility at the event.

Plus: The post-event list of Conference registrants is included for effective follow-up. Seize this unique opportunity to be the center of attention and leave a fun and lasting impression!

$5,500 USD

Networking Lounge

Associate your brand with the lounge or relaxation area dedicated to participants, strategically located in the high-traffic foyer. This space will be highly visible and frequently used throughout all our events. Participants actively seek their resting area, and YOUR brand can be the prominently featured sponsor of this space! The Conference will take care of providing all the furniture, signage, and more; you just need to send us your logo, and you’re all set!

$3,850 USD SOLD

Networking POD (NEW)

We invite you to provide a comfortable area (with the presence of your brand!) for event participants. This space will be located in the foyer connecting the main hall with the exhibition hall, near the registration area. You have the freedom to design the space according to your creative ideas. The construction of this space is the responsibility of the sponsoring company, with a space limit of 3×3 square meters.

Dare to create an original area for relaxation and casual networking, or use it to organize distinctive and unique meetings. You can also give a specific and differential presence to one of your brands (such as adding the distinctive fragrance of a luxury hotel line or making it resemble a business class cabin).

$2,750 USD SOLD

Exclusive Registration Sponsor

This sponsorship ensures excellent visibility, both on the day of the event and in the months before and after on the event website.

This year, the registration area format will feature enhanced technology and an island design to maximize the sponsor company’s exposure. Be the first point of reference for everyone entering the conference!

$9,000 USD

Interested in sponsoring GBTA Conference 2023 | Mexico City? Please contact or fill out the form below.  A member of our sponsorship team will be in contact soon.